Bon, Johnny, Billy, Daryl, Doc, Jim & Stevie – Now Rockin’ In Peace.

With the passing of Stevie Wright ex Easybeats, it got me thinking of fellow Oz rockers who  had gone before him. This is only the tip of the rock block ! Ironically, all the guys were Australian musos through and through, but only two were born here, Daryl Cotton (Adelaide)  and Johnny O’Keefe (Sydney). The other members of ‘The Magnificent 7’ Bon Scott, Billy Thorpe, Doc Neeson, Jim Keays and Stevie Wright were all born in the UK, and proudly/gladly came to our shores in their youth.

With so much talent gifted to us (and them) and as the years roll on and we tend to forget time frames or simply don’t know what’s available on YouTube re our past, I decided to do some research, the result of which is this offering of tribute to some of the greats. It is not meant to be exhaustive or sexist, it’s just these are the names that immediately spring to my mind as contributing BIG TIME to our music appetites, over the decades in Australia.

When you have time, one by one, view the following and either relive or discover for the first time 7 Oz music greats of the past. I hope you enjoy.

Bon Scott – 1946 to 1980 (34)     

Johnny O’Keefe – 1935 to 1978 (43)

Billy Thorpe – 1946 to 2007 (61)

Daryl Cotton – 1949 to 2012 (63)

Doc Neeson – 1947 to 2014 (67)

Jim Keays – 1946 to 2014 (68)

Stevie Wright – 1947 to 2015 (68)