The Human Voice + Empathy + Technology

OK, so this is a plug for my empathetic voice over skills, available to any English speaking country. However, what I find mind boggling is the technology of getting me to you !

Once upon a time, not that long ago, if you wanted a studio quality recording of somebody voicing an ad, a narration, an imaging track, a corporate sell or “whatever”, it was a case of (1) Track down the suitable talent, (2) Book them into a recording studio, (3) Pay for the said studio, producer, talent, (4) Record, Edit & Mix, (5) And either book an expensive landline feed or (6) Package it up and post it to ‘wherever’ in the world.

Now with Internet/email delivery technology, coupled with home studios all around the world plus professional Internet based casting services, you can have that studio quality voice production delivered to you within a very quick turnaround time, at a fraction of the previous cost.

We DO live in an amazing world. Some things may be not so good under the ‘amazing’ description, but others are almost (to my simple brain) OUT of this world.