The Charm Of An Overseas Getaway

This won’t go down as the shortest voice over project ever, but it’s certainly my shortest word count to date – 8 words !

I auditioned for this voice acting job, after seeing the original vision. I loved the quality of the video production and the creative angle the producers were taking. Long story short (pardon the unrehearsed expression !) I recorded 3 versions of the voice over and Take 3 did the job.

My contact, Rebekah in Manila, was a joy to deal with and made my day when she emailed: “Hi, Ian. I wanted to send you a quick note, to thank you for the updated voice. Our client loved it”. I’ve included the ‘link’ not just to highlight my small part, but to show off the standard of video production I was working with + of course the natural and created charms of the holiday destination being promoted.

Beautiful, Relaxing, Holiday In ?