The A to Z Of Australia Day Music 2015

A simple alphabetical tour of Oz Music format, that anyone can play or play with to create your own A to Z playlist(s). Maybe even record and broadcast/podcast (subject to applicable fees) ! So here’s my 26 surname ‘sample’ of Australian Music, that grabs my ear – WARNING – It is diverse !

Ariel – Jamaican Farewell

Barnes, Jimmy – Ride The Night Away

Cadd, Brian – Keep On Rockin’

Dynamic Hepnotics – Soul Kind Of Feeling

Easybeats – Good Times

Ferrets – Don’t Fall In Love

George, ‘Miss’ Linda – Mama’s Little Girl

Healing Force – Golden Miles

INXS – The One Thing

Jet – Cold Hard Bitch

King Fox – Unforgotten Dreams

Loved Ones – The Loved One

Madderlake – 12 Pound Toothbrush

Noiseworks – Hot Chilli Woman

O‘Keefe, Johnny – Move Baby Move

Parkinson, Doug – I’ll Be Around

QED – Everywhere I Go

Radiators – Comin’ Home

Sang, Samantha – Emotion

Thorpe, Billy & The Aztecs – Poison Ivy

Uncanny X Men – 50 Years

Vibrants – Something About You Baby

Wa Wa Nee – Stimulation

Xtra – Daddy Cool – Hi Honey Ho

Young, John Paul – The Love Game

Zoot – Eleanor Rigby