Technology Just Keeps On A Marching & Sometimes We Stumble

Funny how, when I started this blog about 3 years ago ‘technology’ was an early topic. Back then I was reminiscing about turntables, cassette players, cartridge machines, mini discs, CD players, old BIG clunky IBM computers (with little memory) and a whole lot more.

Now, in April 2013 as I write, I’m thinking how clever communication & learning technology really is, not to mention (but I will !) the very talented people (geeks ?) who start with a concept, germinate the seed, nourish it and bring it to life for the world to embrace.

I must be upfront and say I’m an Apple kind of guy. Hey, I say that and I’m typing this on a PC ! However, I AM a great Apple lover. It all started with my trusty iPhone 3GS, then my MacBook and now my Mini iPad, which I love. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally get frustrated with today’s technology, Apple or not.

In my role as a Voice Actor (recording commercials, corporate video narrations, imaging for TV & radio stations etc.)  working from my home studio, the mini iPad is a very handy device and I LOVE it’s size. In fact I really liked the concept of the original iPad but I held off taking the plunge BECAUSE OF… its size, however the mini version was what I was subconsciously waiting for. By the way, in no way am I being paid by the Apple Corporation to endorse its products, I’m simple one of their many ‘happy campers’.

One frustration that computer users often have is with hard to read fonts on web sites. The 2 simple tricks if using a PC or MacBook are :  ‘Control’ + or – on a PC to either enlarge or decrease the font size and on a Mac its ‘Command’ + or – , to achieve an easier to read web page. With smart phones it’s normally 2 taps of a finger to double the font size or decrease. The other helpful tip is to increase the brightness in your ‘Settings’ – can make the world of difference, particularly if your in a dimly lit spot anyhow.

Finally, my revelation I’m most proud of (and it’s probably in the manual anyhow, but I’ve ‘misplaced’ it for the moment) is ‘how’ to increase a web site’s font size for reading more comfortably, using an iPad ? This is a real thrill for me, not only because I worked it out myself but also because it makes reading scripts off the smaller screen so much easier !Either my reading glasses are getting tired or my eyes are just ‘maturing’ ? So, what’s the answer, do you do a single, single finger tap ?, a double finger, single tap ?, or a double finger, double tap to make the text bigger ??? The answer is NONE OF THEM WORK.

(Drum roll please, Ringo) To make your iPad or mini iPad show web page text in a larger form (double) you simply double tap the screen with your thumb and 2 fingers or 3 fingers and wella, problem solved. Believe me, it just doesn’t respond to 2 digits but 3 do the trick. Obviously to resume normal size, do the 3 digit ‘jab’ again and you’re back to where you started.

To all those clever, tech savvy geeks of the world – Thank you, I love your work (but only ‘when’ I can get it to work) !


IAN in Oz