Only in Radio

Some of the dumb things I’ve heard or heard of in the radio business include…….

*A well known Perth radio broadcaster who traditionally worked in a personality-music format once found himself subbing in the News Department. One day, his news Editor sent him out in the field to get people’s views on euthanasia. Hours later he returned stating he had gone all over the city and absolutely nobody had an opinion on youth in Asia !
*Once heard a back announce stating “that was a great little tune for Milli and Vanilli” (Milli Vanilli)
*And another….”What a beaut song, ‘Reunited’ by Peaches & Herbs” (Herb)
*Once had a young announcer work with me who described on-air a cafe’s speciality of the house as “kitchies & creepies” (quiches & crepes !)
*And only this afternoon on Adelaide community radio the guy said in signing off “Take care, if you’re out there ?” No, I’m just dreaming I’m hearing you.

You gotta laugh or cringe at times. Now, I’m off to find that verbal agreement form !