Now, YOU Be The Judge – Steve Winwood OR Joe Cocker ?

Back in the back end of 1980 the incredibly talented Steve Winwood (ex Traffic, Spencer Davis Group and others) recorded a classic album, actually a vinyl LP (!) titled Arc Of A Diver. A wonderful collection of songs and instruments, with Steve Winwood doing the lot, thanks to multi tracking. One of the big songs from the set is Track 1 While You See A Chance Take it 

Steve Winwood – ‘While You See A Chance Take It’


Who would have thought that wild Yorkshire rocker Joe Cocker would later tackle the song ! “Tackle the song” !!!, he put out a cracker version in 1999, complete with violins in the band. Joe’s album (very good) is called No Ordinary World. Here is his take of the song. Personally, I love Joe’s interpretation BUT the original still sounds great. Enjoy from IAN’s VOICE OVER THE WORLD

Joe Cocker – ‘While You See A Chance Take It’