Life Is What You Experience & How You Cope And React To What It Throws At You…Good & Bad

And the music of your life is a pretty good reflection of your being –  ‘Life Is A Rock (And The Radio Rolled Me) –

Sometimes it gets kind of soupy – ‘Life Is A Minestrone’ –

It can be a wild ride – ‘Wild Side Of Life’ –

Make every day count – ‘Life’

Admire it’s beauty – ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’

Be inclusive – ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’

Enjoy it’s history – ‘Rock & Roll (You Gave Me The Best Years of My Life’)

Share your feelings – ‘You Decorated My Life’

Try and not get caught up in complexities – ‘A Simple Life’

And, again – ‘Give Me The Simple Life’ –

Exercise ! – ‘Walk Of Life’ –

It can be hectic – ‘Life In The Fast Lane’

But we all need to slow down, now and again – ‘Lazy Life’

Be grateful – ‘I’ve Had the Time Of My Life’

Appreciate the highs – ‘Back In The High Life Again’

Play it straight, tell it as it is – ‘The Straight Life’

Take in life’s beauty – ‘Beautiful Life’

Get into life’s rhythm – ‘The Rhythm Of Life’

Analyse your day – ‘A Day in The Life’ –

Accept – ‘Isn’t Life Strange’

Acknowledge – ‘For Once In My Life’

Try and keep positive – ‘Life Is Getting Better’

Enjoy the ride – ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life’)

Make the most of this 24 hours – ‘Everyday Of My Life’

Never stop questioning – ‘What Is Life ?’

And ALWAYS enjoy words and music – ‘That’s Life’







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