God, People Are Weird And I Too Have My Faults (many !)

Every day in my working life I see, experience and hear things from fellow ‘Adults’ and think – “Sheesh” or worse still. I have a theory that as life in the rapid fire world we live in goes forth, human logic and courtesy often goes backwards.

By day, I work in advertising sales. After hours I do some freelance writing and voice over work for clients, some MC work and present some music/trivia events. I guess when you analyse my life outside of ‘me time’ it’s very people focussed. I pride myself on being enthusiastic and professional but not pushy. Some people may take an enthusiastic approach as being pushy, but hey, you can’t please all the people, all the time !

Things that really have me shaking my head (yeah I know, grumpy old man syndrome) include ‘Adult’ things like……………………………

* Fellow motorists up your bum, or worse still, overtaking you when you’re doing 25 or 40k’s per hour, due to road works. They rarely achieve any gain and more times than not you catch up to them down the track. What are they thinking ? Apart from breaking the law, putting road workers lives on the line, facing a possible speeding fine and throwing up road crap all over your car, they are dead set ‘Richard Craniums’.

* ‘Why’ have a mobile ‘phone with no message bank ?

* ‘Why’ have a fixed or mobile ‘phone with that ridiculous 10 second maximum record time message ? Surely a maximum of 30 seconds is fair and reasonable to ‘briefly’ leave a slightly longer message where necessary.

* Why have a voicemail message and some long, ridiculous music bit that you have to sit through IF you want to leave a message ? Haven’t these people heard of the KISS Principle ? In any case, I’m busy ! er, sorry….the blood pressure’s on the rise again.

* The ‘free-er’ something is, the more some people abuse it. You’d be amazed how often a prize winner turns up at my office, long after the agreed pick up time (sometimes days) and I’m not there to hand over the goodies. God, I’m a bad lad. Then I get a ‘phone call to my mobile (diverted from my office ‘phone, because I need to keep in touch with my advertising clients, in my 1 person office situation) and guess what ?, it’s a long lost prize winner. The conversation normally goes “Ah , hi. It’s Jacky/Jackie The Goose here to pick up my prize and you’re not here”. Geez, some people are bright ! When you quiz them as to “why” they hadn’t turned up on time as arranged, the answer is frequently “I forgot”. So why didn’t you pay me the courtesy of ringing, fessing up and make an alternate time turkey ?

* People whinging, criticising and generally ‘blowing their top’ over a local Council decision or viewpoint and sometimes having a go at a State or Federal parliamentary position, when they don’t bother to vote ! Sorry, no sympathy from me. If you decide not to use the freedom of democracy to cast a vote, it kind of leaves you without a case in my book.

* In any sales position you need thick skin. It’s a game of numbers, the more people you contact the more yes’s you get. Conversely the more you contact, the more no’s you get. It’s a double edged sword. Funny how some prospects for your services can’t say no or yes. ‘THE PROCRASTINATORS’ – good name for a TV game show concept don’t you think ? Others avoid this situation by simply ignoring your calls, emails, rocks on the roof etc. Big tip for those dealing with us pesky sales people. This will save you a lot of time, interruption, frustration and heart burn. JUST TELL THE TRUTH. If you don’t want somebody’s product &/or services politely tell them so. That way, the person knows exactly where you stand and if they’re half smart will leave you alone. Simple really.

* People who are notorious for not booking or booking early enough for a concert gig, who then get really uptight at the venue because they either can’t get the seats they’re after or the ‘Full House’ sign is out. What the hell do they expect ? Like I said at the start of this opinion piece “human logic and courtesy” seems to be a diminishing commodity with many.

Footnote: Despite the surname ‘Wright’, I’m not always – far from it. So whilst I’ve been picky come critical of some, I know I am far from the ideal role model. We all have our shortcomings. I think ‘the knack of life’ is looking hard and honestly at yourself and striving for ‘a better me’, day by day.