Chicago – ‘The Windy City’, where the music scene of the 60’s blew a fresh, invigorating breeze of enthusiasm

Like the 60’s in general, music provided both the creative means and employment opportunity for young, talented, people to break out. The eager audience was also right into fresh, experimental ‘activities’, almost to spite ‘the olds’ and ‘the establishment’ in general.

The history of pop music in the 60’s citing the city of Chicago in particular is fascinating. Enjoy this 3 part mini-special, which looks at the people, their stories, the music and the 2 dominant radio stations battling it out, to secure a commanding share of the emerging pop music listenership. And ‘yes’, the band ‘Chicago’ does feature in this great doco, featuring many hits that charted in Australia. Enjoy ! – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3