Life Is What You Experience & How You Cope And React To What It Throws At You…Good & Bad

And the music of your life is a pretty good reflection of your being –  ‘Life Is A Rock (And The Radio Rolled Me) –

Sometimes it gets kind of soupy – ‘Life Is A Minestrone’ –

It can be a wild ride – ‘Wild Side Of Life’ –

Make every day count – ‘Life’

Admire it’s beauty – ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’

Be inclusive – ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’

Enjoy it’s history – ‘Rock & Roll (You Gave Me The Best Years of My Life’)

Share your feelings – ‘You Decorated My Life’

Try and not get caught up in complexities – ‘A Simple Life’

And, again – ‘Give Me The Simple Life’ –

Exercise ! – ‘Walk Of Life’ –

It can be hectic – ‘Life In The Fast Lane’

But we all need to slow down, now and again – ‘Lazy Life’

Be grateful – ‘I’ve Had the Time Of My Life’

Appreciate the highs – ‘Back In The High Life Again’

Play it straight, tell it as it is – ‘The Straight Life’

Take in life’s beauty – ‘Beautiful Life’

Get into life’s rhythm – ‘The Rhythm Of Life’

Analyse your day – ‘A Day in The Life’ –

Accept – ‘Isn’t Life Strange’

Acknowledge – ‘For Once In My Life’

Try and keep positive – ‘Life Is Getting Better’

Enjoy the ride – ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life’)

Make the most of this 24 hours – ‘Everyday Of My Life’

Never stop questioning – ‘What Is Life ?’

And ALWAYS enjoy words and music – ‘That’s Life’








Bon, Johnny, Billy, Daryl, Doc, Jim & Stevie – Now Rockin’ In Peace.

With the passing of Stevie Wright ex Easybeats, it got me thinking of fellow Oz rockers who  had gone before him. This is only the tip of the rock block ! Ironically, all the guys were Australian musos through and through, but only two were born here, Daryl Cotton (Adelaide)  and Johnny O’Keefe (Sydney). The other members of ‘The Magnificent 7’ Bon Scott, Billy Thorpe, Doc Neeson, Jim Keays and Stevie Wright were all born in the UK, and proudly/gladly came to our shores in their youth.

With so much talent gifted to us (and them) and as the years roll on and we tend to forget time frames or simply don’t know what’s available on YouTube re our past, I decided to do some research, the result of which is this offering of tribute to some of the greats. It is not meant to be exhaustive or sexist, it’s just these are the names that immediately spring to my mind as contributing BIG TIME to our music appetites, over the decades in Australia.

When you have time, one by one, view the following and either relive or discover for the first time 7 Oz music greats of the past. I hope you enjoy.

Bon Scott – 1946 to 1980 (34)     

Johnny O’Keefe – 1935 to 1978 (43)

Billy Thorpe – 1946 to 2007 (61)

Daryl Cotton – 1949 to 2012 (63)

Doc Neeson – 1947 to 2014 (67)

Jim Keays – 1946 to 2014 (68)

Stevie Wright – 1947 to 2015 (68)



‘Give Peace A Chance’ – But Do They Really WANT To ?

We know the title of the song, we know the song and we know where John & Yoko were coming from when they recorded it in 1969…  But has anything really changed ?

It’s been 46 years , that’s right 4 decades+ since John Lennon felt compelled to write that song. He was obviously concerned at the state of world affairs, the Vietnam War and general violence in our global society. In 2015 are we now better off  ? It’s easy to say ‘NO’ based on the daily news, or could it be the Internet inspired 24 hour news cycle just keeps pounding negative stories and images into our heads, day by day ?

In any case, from domestic violence, school yard bullying, road rage, alcohol abuse/addiction, political bickering, drug related crime, greed, religious differences, social media ‘outing’ and ‘scams’, to out an out WAR, it seems some humans struggle to achieve ‘A Little Piece Of Peace’…

It seems  to me we were all put on this planet to achieve. Trouble is the decision to achieve ‘what’ comes back to the individual and to a large degree the environment that individual was born into and those who influence/influenced that person’s life path. There is no easy fix, except to say the majority of the world’s decent people, need to be strong, lead by example and support the efforts of our politicians, police and defence personnel to maintain and hopefully enhance future peace efforts. It’s so easy to be ‘anti-war’ as none of us (or at least most of us) don’t want to go down that route, however history tends to repeat itself, as the state of the world in 2015 reflects. Maybe, with Christmas almost here, give prayer a chance

The A to Z Of Australia Day Music 2015

A simple alphabetical tour of Oz Music format, that anyone can play or play with to create your own A to Z playlist(s). Maybe even record and broadcast/podcast (subject to applicable fees) ! So here’s my 26 surname ‘sample’ of Australian Music, that grabs my ear – WARNING – It is diverse !

Ariel – Jamaican Farewell

Barnes, Jimmy – Ride The Night Away

Cadd, Brian – Keep On Rockin’

Dynamic Hepnotics – Soul Kind Of Feeling

Easybeats – Good Times

Ferrets – Don’t Fall In Love

George, ‘Miss’ Linda – Mama’s Little Girl

Healing Force – Golden Miles

INXS – The One Thing

Jet – Cold Hard Bitch

King Fox – Unforgotten Dreams

Loved Ones – The Loved One

Madderlake – 12 Pound Toothbrush

Noiseworks – Hot Chilli Woman

O‘Keefe, Johnny – Move Baby Move

Parkinson, Doug – I’ll Be Around

QED – Everywhere I Go

Radiators – Comin’ Home

Sang, Samantha – Emotion

Thorpe, Billy & The Aztecs – Poison Ivy

Uncanny X Men – 50 Years

Vibrants – Something About You Baby

Wa Wa Nee – Stimulation

Xtra – Daddy Cool – Hi Honey Ho

Young, John Paul – The Love Game

Zoot – Eleanor Rigby



God, People Are Weird And I Too Have My Faults (many !)

Every day in my working life I see, experience and hear things from fellow ‘Adults’ and think – “Sheesh” or worse still. I have a theory that as life in the rapid fire world we live in goes forth, human logic and courtesy often goes backwards.

By day, I work in advertising sales. After hours I do some freelance writing and voice over work for clients, some MC work and present some music/trivia events. I guess when you analyse my life outside of ‘me time’ it’s very people focussed. I pride myself on being enthusiastic and professional but not pushy. Some people may take an enthusiastic approach as being pushy, but hey, you can’t please all the people, all the time !

Things that really have me shaking my head (yeah I know, grumpy old man syndrome) include ‘Adult’ things like……………………………

* Fellow motorists up your bum, or worse still, overtaking you when you’re doing 25 or 40k’s per hour, due to road works. They rarely achieve any gain and more times than not you catch up to them down the track. What are they thinking ? Apart from breaking the law, putting road workers lives on the line, facing a possible speeding fine and throwing up road crap all over your car, they are dead set ‘Richard Craniums’.

* ‘Why’ have a mobile ‘phone with no message bank ?

* ‘Why’ have a fixed or mobile ‘phone with that ridiculous 10 second maximum record time message ? Surely a maximum of 30 seconds is fair and reasonable to ‘briefly’ leave a slightly longer message where necessary.

* Why have a voicemail message and some long, ridiculous music bit that you have to sit through IF you want to leave a message ? Haven’t these people heard of the KISS Principle ? In any case, I’m busy ! er, sorry….the blood pressure’s on the rise again.

* The ‘free-er’ something is, the more some people abuse it. You’d be amazed how often a prize winner turns up at my office, long after the agreed pick up time (sometimes days) and I’m not there to hand over the goodies. God, I’m a bad lad. Then I get a ‘phone call to my mobile (diverted from my office ‘phone, because I need to keep in touch with my advertising clients, in my 1 person office situation) and guess what ?, it’s a long lost prize winner. The conversation normally goes “Ah , hi. It’s Jacky/Jackie The Goose here to pick up my prize and you’re not here”. Geez, some people are bright ! When you quiz them as to “why” they hadn’t turned up on time as arranged, the answer is frequently “I forgot”. So why didn’t you pay me the courtesy of ringing, fessing up and make an alternate time turkey ?

* People whinging, criticising and generally ‘blowing their top’ over a local Council decision or viewpoint and sometimes having a go at a State or Federal parliamentary position, when they don’t bother to vote ! Sorry, no sympathy from me. If you decide not to use the freedom of democracy to cast a vote, it kind of leaves you without a case in my book.

* In any sales position you need thick skin. It’s a game of numbers, the more people you contact the more yes’s you get. Conversely the more you contact, the more no’s you get. It’s a double edged sword. Funny how some prospects for your services can’t say no or yes. ‘THE PROCRASTINATORS’ – good name for a TV game show concept don’t you think ? Others avoid this situation by simply ignoring your calls, emails, rocks on the roof etc. Big tip for those dealing with us pesky sales people. This will save you a lot of time, interruption, frustration and heart burn. JUST TELL THE TRUTH. If you don’t want somebody’s product &/or services politely tell them so. That way, the person knows exactly where you stand and if they’re half smart will leave you alone. Simple really.

* People who are notorious for not booking or booking early enough for a concert gig, who then get really uptight at the venue because they either can’t get the seats they’re after or the ‘Full House’ sign is out. What the hell do they expect ? Like I said at the start of this opinion piece “human logic and courtesy” seems to be a diminishing commodity with many.

Footnote: Despite the surname ‘Wright’, I’m not always – far from it. So whilst I’ve been picky come critical of some, I know I am far from the ideal role model. We all have our shortcomings. I think ‘the knack of life’ is looking hard and honestly at yourself and striving for ‘a better me’, day by day.


Into Train Music ?

I LOVE music ! And there have been some great TRAIN ‘tracks’ (sorry ) over the years, either about trains – real or fictitious –  and by TRAIN. They even came up with some dance moves in the 60’s, inspired by a train.

Now, ALL ABOARD !!! Here for your listening and visual pleasure is my Top 10 train inspired songs…

#10 – ‘Waiting For A Train’ – Flash And The Pan…

#9 – ‘Loco – Motion’ – Little Eva…

#8 – ‘Train’ – Leo Sayer…

#7 – ‘Midnight Train To Georgia’ – Gladys Knight & The Pips’…

#6 – ‘Downtown Train’ – Rod Stewart…

#5 – ‘Indian Pacific’ – Slim Dusty…

#4 – ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ – Train…

#3 – ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Train – AC/DC…

#2 – ‘Nighttime In The Switching Yard’ – Warren Zevon…

#1 – ‘The Midnight Special’ – John Fogerty…

#1 – “Orange Blossom Special” – Johnny Cash…

‘International Women’s Day’ – Music Tracks Featuring Womens Names – Eclectic !

A great reason to put the brain into gear, the YouTube search a happening and to present for you some fantastic tracks featuring ‘girls’ names, not necessarily sung by females.

We’ve got the big names from Oz and OS and in a few cases more than 1 version of the same song – it just adds to the texture of the feature ! The ladies songs are featured in random order (88 of them), but which ever you play ’em, you’ll love ’em.

So, enough from me and now over to you to plug in and enjoy the female name game, as we commemorate ‘International Women’s Day’…… – Penny Lane / The Beatles – When Julie Comes Around / The Cuff Links – Valerie / Steve Winwood – Jennifer Eccles / The Hollies – Diana / Paul Anka – Linda Sue Dixon / Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Sherie Baby / Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Mary Mary / The Monkees – Evie  / Jim Capaldi – Maria / PJ Proby – Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) / Looking Glass – Helen Wheels / (Sir) Paul McCartney & Wings – My Cherie Amor / Stevie Wonder – The Jean Genie / David Bowie – Louise / Jona Lewie – Angel Of The Morning / Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts – Claudette / Roy Orbison – Gloria / Them (featuring Van Morrison) – Julie Anne / Kenny – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds / The Beatles – Annie’s Song /  John Denver – Melissa / The Allman Brothers Band – Betty Davis Eyes / Kim Carnes – Down At Lulu’s /  Ohio Express – Patricia / Perez Prado – Cathy Come Home / The Twilights – Michelle / The Overlanders – My Sharona / The Knack – Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town / Kenny Rogers & The First Edition – Lola / The Kinks – I Love You So Rebecca / Johnny Chester – Lovely Rita / The Beatles – Amazing Grace / Judy Collins – Carol / Tommy Roe – Jodie & The Kid / Lee Conway – First Of May / The Bee Gees – Come On Eileen / Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Help Me Rhonda / The Beach Boys – Elenore / The Turtles – Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) / John Fred & His Playboy Band – Penelope / Normie Rowe – A Daisy a Day / Jud Strunk – Mona (I Need You Baby)  / The Rolling Stones – Mandy / Barry Manilow – It’s Judy’s Turn to Cry / Leslie Gore – Jenny take A Ride / Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Sally Go Round The Roses – The Questions (featuring Doug Parkinson) – Donna / Ritchie Valens – I Did What I Did For Maria / Tony Christie – Susie Darlin’ / Barry Crocker – Black Betty / Ram Jam – Sandy Sandy / The Town & Country Brothers – Take A Letter Maria / R.B. Greaves – Mustang Sally / Wilson Pickett – Pamela Pamela / Wayne Fontana – Mary Mary / Shackles (Praise You) – April Love / Pat Boone – Alison / Elvis Costello – Oh Yoko / John Lennon – Walk Away Renee / The Four Tops – I’m Not Lisa / Jessi Colter – Judy Judy Judy / Johnny Tillotson – Cara Mia / Jay & The Americans – Evie, Pts. 1, 2 & 3 / Stevie Wright – A Message To  Martha / Adam Faith – Genie With The Light Brown Lamp / The Shadows – Help Me Rhonda / Johnny Rivers – Maxine / Sharon O’Neil – Jennifer Juniper / Donovan – Valleri / The Monkees – Goodnight Irene / Eric Clapton – Hey Hey Helen / Abba – Anna (Go To Him) / The Beatles – Rachel / Russell Morris – Gloria / Laura Branigan – Ruby Tuesday / The Rolling Stones – (Jenny Jenny) Dreams Are Ten A Penny / Kincade – Dawn (Go Away) / The Four Seasons – Lucille / Little Richard – Jessica / The Allman Brothers Band – Run Sally Run / The Cuff Links – Judy / Elvis Presley – Delta Dawn / Helen Reddy – Dizzy Miss Lizzy / The Beatles – Tell Laura I Love Her / Ray Peterson – Lucille / Kenny Rogers – Rosanna / Toto – Carol / Chuck Berry













One Flew Over the ‘COOKoo’s Nest Eatery – Western Victoria, January 2014



The story is true, only the names and place remain private to protect the guilty parties innocence and I’m sure good intentions, despite my near death experience !


After  2 very pleasant weeks away in New South Wales and Victoria, Di & I were returning to South Australia and around dinner time, pulled over for a fuel stop and some tucker west of Melbourne. Adjacent to the servo was an eating ‘establishment’ which outwardly looked OK and the timing and convenience suited us fine.


We approached the counter to be served by a pleasant woman who took our order. She was obviously new to the gig as the menu prices were not ingrained, but that’s fine. After checking our selections from the diner she tallied our tab for 2 mugs of cappuccino, my Chicken Kiev (one of my ‘moist’ garlic favourites) and Mrs W’s Chicken Parmigiana. Money paid, we sat down with me saying “G’day, how ya doin’?” to the tall, slightly stooped employee mopping the floor in an almost rehearsed circular motion. It was almost as if the mop had inbuilt magnets and it was tracking over a floor template and the gent was simply adding a bit of ‘oomph’. Anyhow, my friendly gesture was greeted with stone cold silence. My instant thought was he missed hearing what I said (doubtful with my chords), was deaf, very shy or suffering a handicap. His ongoing mop tango and a fairly vacant gaze led me to believe the poor bloke was in fact the victim of some mental problem. My next thought was “good on the owners and him for the opportunity/desire to be actively employed”. I must admit his hovering around our table was a little off putting after a few minutes, as we had just ordered, sat down and now felt we should arise to make way for the mop, almost like a right of passage. Oh, nearly forgot. The other aspect of the cleaning regime was the method of mop/floor lubrication. He had a jar of water (I presume it was water) and a glass of water (again I presume it was H2O). The glass was for the occasional ‘sip’ and the jar was for a the occasional ‘tip’ of fluid onto the floor, after which the aforementioned “mop tango” would resume. We’re both starting to think after a long day on the road, is this really happening ?


Ah, another, pleasant older gent appears with our coffees, with the ladies tennis going ball-to-ball on the TV in the background. He tells me he’s got one good one and one not so good one ! But credit given, both hands performed well and no coffee was spilled. Mrs W returns from the ladies room and asked by our man whether she likes the tennis and whether the volume is a little loud. Yes to the tennis and No to the volume, in any case he fiddles with the remote and we think the volume went UP a tad ! Meanwhile, nearby, our man and his mop continues with the sip, tip and swirl routine. In fact, I overheard the older gent suggest to him he move away and clean elsewhere.


Back to the ladies tennis, our cleaner was obviously a fan. He quite regularly would stop if front of the elevated screen and observe the action. Not just observe, he had lip syncing down to an art form. With every grunt from the girls, he would on-cue go for a big “Ahhh”. At one stage with his rear silhouette aglow from the TV and the mop resting between his legs, his perfectly timed grunts to the ladies lunges was becoming a little off putting  to say the least. But where’s our food ?


Just in the nick of time our front of house hostess come cook arrives with our chicken dishes and for the moment our mop man relocates to another section of the  eatery. Both dishes smell and look good, with a nicely presented salad and chips, accompanying Di’s Parmigiana and my Kiev. We commence eating with the occasional grunt still quite audible in the background, both from the TV and the floor. Di starts on her parmi and I consume a few chips and some salad before attacking the very generous portioned, crumbed coated, dark brown Chicken Kiev. Di’s going well and I’m crunching on the first couple of pieces of the garlic infused breadcrumbs and chicken, when suddenly the chicken colour appears to change rather abruptly. This calls for my reading glasses for closer inspection, only to reveal around 75% of the large, inner bird to be totally raw in your usual pinky grey uncooked chicken state. My urge to cure my hunger is momentarily curtailed. Off to the kitchen I trot with bird in hand and complain politely to the lady cook. She looks mystified and politely apologies and says she will cook me a fresh Kiev. Meantime, I eat a couple of Di’s chips, she continues with her acceptable parmi and the grunting from mop man is still heard echoing through the rather empty restaurant. I’m fast realising maybe ‘why’ it is not well patronised. Anyhow, honest mistakes happen in life and after another 10 minutes, as promised, a freshly cooked Chicken Kiev (this time more of a golden brown, crumbed colour arrives) along with fresh chips and salad. Cookie again apologies and assures me all is now in order.


I carefully tuck in again and after 2 mouthfuls, it tastes great with the chicken cooked, the very tasty garlic butter flowing wildly and things back to “all systems GO Houston”. However, Mrs W suggests before I go any further into the depths of the chook’s offerings I perhaps slice the Kiev in half and check that all is good, all the way through. Good idea I thought, did exactly that and found this time 75% of the bird was cooked, with the 25% pesky, raw pink/grey bits cleverly hiding where thankfully I hadn’t ventured ! Un…….Believable. By this time, by the way, our man on the mop had run out of water for the floor from his jar, so his glass of water was now being employed on an alternate sip/tip rotation. Gotta give him 10 out of 10 for dedication to the task + creativity. This time feeling really pissed off, I’m back to the kitchen door with the second lot of uncooked evidence, stating this is totally unacceptable and dangerous and requesting a plain, thin schnitzel and salad as plainly Big Bird is beyond her capabilities. She looks mortified, again apologises and goes back to the challenge at hand. Around this time another customer arrives for menu roulette with a couple of kids in tow.


The schnitzel arrives with the 3rd lot of chips and salad and apart from the embarrassed apologies and stating she was finding things “stressful” (hey lady, how do you think I’m feeling !) Now running around 30 minutes late on the final leg of our long day on the road) a third bloke arrives at our table, introduces himself as the owner and apologises for the raw bird situation. He said it was a case of not getting the temperature and cooking time in sync. Maybe with his lip syncing prowess, the guy on the mop should be the cook ? Anyhow, after requesting a refund of the difference between the schnitzel price and that of the Kiev, he handed over $3.50. Obviously he made no money on my 3 main courses, however the final ‘safe’ dish was cooked all the way through and we just wanted to get out of there FAST. Should also mention, the owner stated he had “once or twice” encountered the same problem in the past cooking Kiev, ! Bet those diners didn’t come back for more, although the eatery does advertise “knife sharpening”. Now there’s an incentive to return !!!


As we are on our way out, we see and hear the owner talking with the woman with the kids who had arrived earlier, asking whether they would like to “try something else ?” with him suggesting “chicken” ! Oh, shit.


In hindsight, perhaps ‘Cuckoo’ instead of ‘Chicken Kiev’ would have been a safer bet for me, from the “One Flew Over The COOKoo’s Nest Eatery”. A long story, I know, BUT 100% fact, from ‘The Wright House’.


Tropfest December 8th 2013, Centennial Park, Sydney – Oh What A Feeling

Sometimes in life, luck is on your side ! In conjunction with the fantastic Tropfest Short Film Festival and judging, Toyota ( a major sponsor) ran a consumer competition. In 250 words or less you had to tell the judges all about your best Toyota Corolla experience.

For Mrs W and I, it was centred on my (then) brand new, big bad orange with cream interior, Corolla Hatch. My first car and we headed off for a weekend of ‘culture’ (!) at the Woodstock of the day, the 1974 Sunbury Pop Festival in Victoria.

Meanwhile moving forward to 2013 – 10 lucky Tropfest national winners were selected and YES we were part of the chosen few. The new home, Centennial Park in Sydney is spectacular. The event organization and staging was superb and our Toyota prize of air fares, accommodation, food/beverages and all transfers was a knockout.

The old adage about creating your own luck and being in it, to win it, is very true.

Oh and did I mention, I made my screen debut at Tropfest ? Have a gander…

Chicago – ‘The Windy City’, where the music scene of the 60’s blew a fresh, invigorating breeze of enthusiasm

Like the 60’s in general, music provided both the creative means and employment opportunity for young, talented, people to break out. The eager audience was also right into fresh, experimental ‘activities’, almost to spite ‘the olds’ and ‘the establishment’ in general.

The history of pop music in the 60’s citing the city of Chicago in particular is fascinating. Enjoy this 3 part mini-special, which looks at the people, their stories, the music and the 2 dominant radio stations battling it out, to secure a commanding share of the emerging pop music listenership. And ‘yes’, the band ‘Chicago’ does feature in this great doco, featuring many hits that charted in Australia. Enjoy ! – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3