As far as radio personalities and news greats go, John Laws & Jim Angel were ‘The A Team’

John (“Hello world”) Laws has been an Australian radio great for six decades. He’s worked his on-air craft since starting at 3BO Bendigo, Victoria in 1953. As at August 2013, ‘Lawsie’ is on-air doing Mornings across The Super Radio Network out of 2SM in Sydney.

Along the way, John teamed up for a time with a Sydney radio news ‘legend’ in the form of Jim Angel. Jim worked much of his career for 2SM (60’s through the 70’s) and later with John Laws at Sydney’s 2UE. Jim’s presentation and voice made him sound BIG. In fact he was a short man, with a great radio news voice and presence. In addition, Jim was a wonderful guy (passed away on December 24th 2007) with a fun personality. He became infamous for his rendition of the 60’s hit ‘Winchester Cathedral’ by The New Vaudeville Band.

One morning on 2UE, during a Jim Angel bulletin, ‘Lawsie’ decided it was time for Jim (completely sober) to have a crack, once again, at ‘Winchester Cathedral’. Here’s the result, with audio credits, thanks to 2UE…