‘Hello’ from ‘IAN’s Voice Over The World’

The home studio in Oz, serving the world.

What an ever changing world we live in. In my lifetime in the radio business we’ve gone through reel to reel tape recorders, turntables playing ‘vinyl’ (singles, EP’s, albums) , carts/cart machines, cassettes/cassette recorders, crude automation equipment, early satellite technology, CD’s, CD players, DAT recorders, Mini Discs, Mini Disc players, HUGE IBM computers with less memory than my iPhone, into an Internet Computer Age which sees no sign of standing still for anyone.

No wonder this 56 year old finds communication technology both inspiring, exciting and challenging. Don’t know about you (because we’ve only just met) but I’m hanging on for the ride, to see ‘where’ it goes from here. Regards, IAN in Oz.